Rigor or Relevance

Dit citaat blijft mij inspireren als het gaat over de relatie onderzoek - praktijk. De metafoor van het moeras is ook zo heerlijk.

"This dilemma of rigor or relevance arises more acutely in some areas of practice than in others. In the varied topography of professional practice, there is the high, hard ground where practitioners can make effective use of research-based theory and technique, and there is the swampy lowland where situations are confusing "messes" incapable of technical solution. The difficulty is that the problems of the high ground, however great their technical interest, are often relatively unimportant to clients or to the larger society, while in the swamp are the problems of greatest human concern. Shall the practitioner stay on the high, hard ground where he can practice rigorously, as he understands rigor, but where he is constrained to deal with problems of relatively little social importance? Or shall he descend to the swamp where he can engage the most important and challenging problems if he’s willing to forsake technical rigor?"

Donals Schon (1981) The reflective practitioner. p.42