• 14:30 - 15:30

Unpredictability in the artistic process and teaching environment

How can you actively invite unpredictability into your artistic process and teaching environment? This interactive presentation is initiated by Cyrille Bloemers (HKU Media) en Anika Schwarzlose (HKU Fine Art).

(How) can you actively invite unpredictability into your artistic process? And what happens in a teaching environment when you spice your didactics with unpredictability? These are the two main questions that formed the starting point of some online chat sessions between us, Anika Schwarzlose (Artist/Lecturer Fine Art) and Cyrille Bloemers (Cultural Scientist/Lecturer Media). 

In this interactive presentation we will be reproducing snippets of these first explorative conversations that we had. Since there is so much to talk about and there is so little time, you as a participant in this session are explicitly invited to choose between a range of specific approaches / examples / topics that intrigues you. And of course we are also very curious about your own thoughts on the role of unpredictability in an artistic process and/or teaching environment.

Target audience

Everybody is welcome, from all art disciplines! Be aware, however, that both Anika and Cyrille will be (mainly) talking from a visual arts perspective. 

Location and time

This will be a Zoom meeting. No admission after 14.30 hours.


De inschrijving voor deze ZOOM-sessie is gesloten. 


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